Traditional and contemporary rugs available from all over thge world.

Ahwazian Rugs

Founded in 1992, Ahwazian has established a reputation over more than two decades as a leading importer of hand-knotted oriental carpets and rugs. Located at the Oriental Carpet Centre in London, the company has considerable specialist knowledge and experience to offer to their customers.

The hand-knotted carpets and rugs supplied by Ahwazian originate from Central Asia, with the most popular weaving areas being Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the Caucasus. Despite lying within the same geographical area, the rugs the countries produce remain different as each region makes rugs with a variety of designs and weaving styles.

Ahwazian source a wide selection of carpets and rugs, from tribal to fine silk and from old to antique pieces. Their range has oriental carpets and rugs available in different sizes, while the company holds a large stock of large and oversize pieces for your convenience.

Sourced from Iran, Persian rugs are some of the highest quality in the world. Some fine examples of Persian rugs are the vibrant Tribal Quashgai, Hamada and Beluch with Nain, Tabriz, Isfahan and Qom silks being of even finer quality.

Ahwazian’s eight collections include Persian, Indian, Afghan, Pakistan, Silk and Antique. The intricate patterns and styles will bring interest to any room in your house, while the colour palate should have something to suit most homes and décor.

As well as the traditional Oriental rugs, Ahwazian offer a fascinating range of pictorial floor coverings, which will provide a real talking point in the home. Alternatively, they also stock a quality South American range of sheepskin rugs.

The company also offers a specialist service for old, antique and oversize carpets, with customers able to rely on their wealth of knowledge when looking for an investment carpet. Oversize carpets of up to 30 metres in length have also been supplied to clients with a need for something very striking.



Asiatic Rugs

London-based Asiatic was established in 1960 by Soli Kelaty and has been a trusted name in the flooring industry ever since. The company is still owned and run by the Kelaty family today. They are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, importers and distributors of quality rugs from around the world.

Asiatic say that design, innovation and experience are at the heart of their business. Their North London head office is the centre of an international design and buying team. Their buyers are based in key sourcing locations all over the world, and they have their own office and fulfillment centre in China along with a design studio and office in India. That global presence gives Asiatic the flexibility to deliver the latest designs and respond quickly to new innovations and trends.

From their establishment in the swinging sixties of London, Asiatic has been focused on fashion. They are now a pioneering, dynamic and innovative force in the development of commercial fashion focused rugs. Their market leading floor coverings have been developed to meet the needs of the modern consumer in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

As a company, Asiatic is always looking to innovate and evolve. They recently launched their Katherine Carnaby concept, an exclusive rug offering which is designed to fuse London’s unmatched fashion design status and heritage. They combine contemporary design with the luxury of handcrafted materials, and offer a truly luxe statement for any home.

As a fashion-focused brand, appearance is crucial to Asiatic, but so is comfort. All their rugs are designed to feel as good underfoot as they look in your room.

Asiatic’s large catalogue of rugs is award-winning; however, if their designs do not quite meet your needs there is the option for bespoke products. Their in-house design team can help you develop exactly the rug that you want for your home.



Flair Rugs

Flair Rugs is a long-established family-run business, who have been market leaders in the design, importation and distribution of quality rugs since 1984. Based in Manchester, the business has seen impressive growth over the past thirty years in all sectors of rug retailing.

The team at Flair create and source their products with passion and expertise and truly believe in the integrity of their product. They say they help shape trends rather than merely following them and have the experience to blend materials and designs in innovative and exciting ways which have customers coming back again and again.

Flair’s award-winning rugs have won accolades for the company from Home Product of the Year to Best Modern Rug and Best Rug Supplier. But that success doesn’t mean they plan to rest easy, they know that it takes meticulous attention to detail and constant drive to remain the best.

The company’s buyers and designers scour the globe to create rugs that will delight homeowners for years to come. They both spot trends and start them – finding new materials and scouting for new designers all over the world and bringing those products back to your home.

All Flair’s rugs are of exceptional quality and are fabricated responsibly. The company is committed to identifying and reducing any direct negative effect they have on the environment. They are also concerned with the fair treatment of employees linked to the company, and ensure that they source products from their global suppliers who are committed to improving employees’ welfare.

Flair Rugs say you know when you’ve found the right rug as it’s the one that not only looks right but feels right. And they believe they’re the right supplier for that; it’s why they sell an average of one rug every ten seconds to customers hoping to give their floors some flair.

Flair Rugs

Mastercraft Rugs

Lancashire-based Mastercraft has been importing and distributing European and Oriental rugs for more than 30 years. Started by Michael Dickson when he received a 40ft container of Greek Flotaki rugs in lieu of payment for a wool shipment, the company had an unusual start to life.

Since then the family-run business has grown significantly to become one of the UK’s market leaders. That’s partly due to their insistence on giving their customers excellent service. Their UK based team of staff is always on hand for sales and customer service advice, as well as to make sure your rug is dispatched efficiently.

Mastercraft has seen a significant change in the demand for its floor coverings during its history. The recent popularity of wood and laminate flooring has meant more demand for the rug trade, with customers looking for bigger ranges and more options. Mastercraft has met this demand by offering a wide and varied selection of rugs from all over the world.

The company’s warehousing operation means that all of the rugs it offers are backed up with excellent stock levels. They can therefore be delivered to you promptly after your order, so you get your new rug exactly when you want it.

Mastercraft offer a range of traditional, contemporary and shaggy rugs to meet all areas of demand. Their traditional rugs and runners come in a choice of top quality pure wool or hardwearing polypropylene, and there are eight collections for customers to choose from offering a wide range of colours, patterns and sizes.

For those looking for something a little more contemporary, their range of modern rugs and runners are also available in wool or polypropylene, with six collections to choose from. Alternatively, if comfort underfoot is crucial, then Mastercraft’s range of shaggy rugs may be the option for you.

Mastercraft Rugs

Turtle Mats

In 1994 James Turtle discovered the ultimate doormat and the Turtle Mat Company was born. His background in home cleaning meant that he knew the damage walked in dirt and moisture could cause to homes and carpets, and he believed his doormats would be the solution.

The absorbent cotton doormats were initially sold at country fairs, but the business quickly developed into a mail-order company and started to be stocked by retailers. Sold in 2004 it was relocated to Gloucestershire, allowing for expansion and development of new products and designs.

Turtle Mats keep your home cleaner for longer. They are designed to protect your floors and carpets from the damage caused by mud, dirt and dust. Their super absorbent cotton tufts trap moisture and grab dirt, meaning you don’t have to.

Doormats may be where the company started, but Turtle Mats are useful for much more than placing by the door. They are widely used in kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, utility rooms, caravans and even boats.

Turtle Mats are very absorbent and can be used outside in dry weather. They are perfect for areas close to the pool or hot tub, and on boats, making areas more comfortable to use, cleaner and safer.

All Turtle Mats are hand made in Great Britain, and have attracted the attention of the Royal Horticultural Society and leading artists due to their combination of design and functionality.

The company offers a wide range of designs to suit all styles of home and colour schemes. Their range of sizes from small to extra large also means their mats should fit wherever you want them to. Combine that with a five-year guarantee, the fact the mats are machine washable and that they can be tumble dried and you know you’re protecting your home in the best way possible.

Turtle Mats